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Special WEB offer

A special present just for the ladies when they make reservations online through our homepage.

Receive a free gift bag containing a small Japanese handbag, perfect for walking around town and visiting the many public onsen.
  • ・Organic Shampoo
  • ・Organic Conditioner
  • ・Organic Body Wash
  • ・Body Loofah
  • ・Waterproof Pouch
  • ・Colored Tabi (Japanese socks with a split toe) socks
free gift
*Available only to female guests who make a reservation of ¥15,000 or more.
Bookings made by female guests online will come with a free colorful yukata rental.
Available between
April - October
Note to Guest

We go to great lengths in order to provide a peaceful atmosphere so our guests can feel completely relaxed and refreshed. In order maintain this atmosphere we don't allow guests to bring children under the age of 12.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Kinosaki Information
Kinosaki Onsen, the hot spring village which compliments the beautiful yukata

Kinosaki onsen is a town located in Toyooka city of the San'in region of northern Hyogo prefecture. It is said that the spring waters of Kinosaki Onsen sprung fourth about 1,300 years ago where a kounotori (Oriental white stork) was healing its wonds in the spring water. When people think of Kinosaki, the image of willow trees along the river comes to mind. With many souvenir shops, shooting galleries and small pinball parlors lining the streets, one can experience the feeling of being in a traditional hot spring town even in this day and age. Clad in a yukata(light summer kimono), enjoy the Sotoyu Meguri with the pleasant click-clacking of geta(wooden slippers) in the background. It is said that Kinosaki Onsen compliments the beauty of the yukata better than any other hot spring town in Japan.

When you think of Kinosaki Onsen you think of the 7 onsen Sotoyu Meguri

In the town of Kinosaki Onsen there are 7 public onsen, each with their own unique characteristics and histories, located throughout the town. Clad in a yuata, absorb the enchanting atmosphere of the town while enjoying the 7 public onsen throughout town. Called the Sotoyu Meguri, this is Kinosaki Onsen's most famous activity. Our inn is located about 5 minutes by foot from Jizo no Yu (地蔵の湯)and 3 minutes from Yanagi Yu (柳湯). Kinosaki Onsen has many attractive points, so there are many ways to enjoy Kinosaki Onsen. One can enjoy visiting all 7 of the public onsen, shopping in the many boutiques and souvenir shops, or relaxing while drinking a bottle of the local craft beer.

Entry ticket to all 7 bathhouses of the Sotoyu Meguri

All guests who will be staying with us for the night will receive an entry ticket to all 7 bathhouses of the Sotoyu Meguri in the lobby. Towels are located in each room; while body soap and shampoo, and other bathroom products are located in each bathhouse. Please bring your towel with you when you visit the bathhouses of the Sotoyu Meguri.


For guests with a laptop who wish to use the internet, there is one LAN port available for use located in the lobby.

We accept cash and all major credit cards. Accepted cards: VISA, MasterCard, UC, DC, mc, BC, CF
Cards not accepted: JCB, Diners Club

*At this time we can only accept cash for the following types of reservations:
Bored only (no meals), One night stays that include only breakfast, and reservations for the "Couple's Plan".
Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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