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Carefully Selected Ingredients
Tajima Beef

Tajima Beef is a famous brand of beef on the national level. Within Japan there are several famous brands of beef such as Matsuzaka beef, Kobe beef, Omi beef, Miyazaki beef, and Kagoshima beef; however, the cows that these beefs come from all trace their lineage back to Tajima cows.
The defining characteristics of Tajima beef is its high fat content, which gives it a beautiful marbled texture, and the overall delicious taste of the meat itself. The difference in temperature between night and day in the Tajima region is very severe, which produces an evening dew that makes the grass very soft. Soft grass is a very important factor in the raising of the cows.
The best ways to enjoy Tajima beef are as a steak or in the shabu shabu (Japanese hotpot). At Sensui we offer a menu filled with different dishes utilizing Tajima beef.
Please try some for yourself.

Tsuiyama Crab

Matsuba Gani (Matsuba crab) is the local name used to describe Zuwai Gani (snow crab), which is caught in the San'in Region of the Sea of Japan (Matsue Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, and Kyoto Prefecture). People in the Kansai region of Japan will generally use the term Matsuba Gani, while the people of the Kanto region of Japan will generally use the term Zuwai Gani.

Furthermore, each port has slightly different standards for classifying their crabs, so crabs caught in those ports, which also meet that port's specific standards are named after the port. Tsuiyama Port is the local fishing port in Kinosaki, so the Matsuba Gani caught in that port are called Tsuiyama Gani (Tsuiyama Crab).
The characteristic sweetness and texture of the crab we serve is excellent, which is proof that the crab comes straight from the sea to table.

Odagaki Farm Yoka Pork

We also use Odagaki Farm Yoka pork, which is produced in Yoka, Hyogo Prefecture. Yoka is a belt of land that is surrounded by mountains and green nature. There are also several ski resorts in the surrounding area. Yoka pigs are lovingly raised in that natural stress free environment. Since the scale of production of Yoka pork is rather small, it is not famous on a national level; however, it is famous locally and loved by many people in the area, including the owner of this inn.

The unique characteristics of Odagaki Farm Yoka pork is that even if you grill it it won't become hard, it has no unpleasant tastes or scents, and even if it's cooled it stays soft and tender.
Please try Yoka pork, which people in the are take pride in.

Other Ingredients
Awabi (abalone)
Beni Zuwai Gani (Red snow crab)
Information on Special order Dishes

Pair these dishes with your set meal for a luxurious experience.

Abalone: From ¥2,160 (Serves 1 person)

We can prepare and season the abalone according to your tastes.

Tajima Beef Steak: ¥3,240 (serves 1 person)
Tan Mori Platter: from ¥5,400 -

We will adjust the price and size depending on the number of people in your party.

The pictures are images and don't necessarily represent how the food will look when ordered.