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Private Baths

Soak in any one of the 3 luxurious hot spring baths located in our inn without being bothered by anyone. Please note that we are unable to take reservations for private baths, usage of the private baths will be on a first come first served basis. When you want to use one of the baths simply flip the sign on the door to private, enter the bath, lock the door, and relax.

Hours of Operation
6:30-9:30 & 15:00-23:00
To no Yu

Experience the smoothness of Shiragaki pottery with your own hands while being surrounded by a unique Asian atmosphere.

Ki no Yu

Enveloped in the scent of Japanese cypress wood, relax both body in soul in luxury.

Ishi no Yu

Stretch out and relax with the jet powered bubble massage.

Healing Stone Spa (Stone Sauna)

A stone spa is a "low temperature sauna" which allows the body to absorb the power of mother nature housed inside natural mineral rocks. The stone spa is especially good for those who are sensitive to the cold, those who want to alleviate stress, and those who are on diets.

The stone sauna is closed
between the months of November and March.

Sensui's stone spa, unlike a traditional stone sauna, will not cause you to excessively sweat or feel uncomfortable. Simply lay down on the bed of natural mineral rocks (Maifan stones), which have been heated to around 45 degrees Celsius, relax and absorb the health and beauty properties of the stones. You can even enjoy the spa for extended periods of time without feeling short of breath, as you would in a traditional stone sauna.

For Guests Staying the Night
Reservations Reservations must be made by phone in advance. Those who make reservations at least 1 day in advance will receive a \500 off coupon. Same day reservations are possible if there are open time slots.
Hours of Operation 16:00-21:00
(Each session is 45mins)
Effects of the Stone Spa
  • *Mild sweating
  • *Detoxification
  • *Promotion of metabolic functions
  • *Promotion of healthy collagen production
  • *Relaxation
  • *Stress reduction
  • *Reduction of sensitivity to the cold
  • *Relief of back tension
  • *Improvement of the effectiveness of natural remedies

A Yukata, Bath Towel, Face Towel, and Mineral Water.

* Unfortunately, guests with pacemakers, pieces of metal inside their body for any medical reason, or who have been drinking alcohol, or who are pregnant are unable to use the stone spa facilities. Young children are also prohibited from entering the stone spa.